Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Having guests over on a Sunday afternoon? Have a brunch! This past Sunday I hosted my first mini brunch. I was very excited and wanted to try some new recipes. My menu consisted of mimosas, easy sticky buns, fresh fruit and country French omelets.

Obviously you need to start the day off with some cocktails! We had mimosas. I added a new twist to them. I did not use oranges but instead this amazing new fruit I recently discovered. The tangelo! It is a hybrid between a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit. It is so much juicier than an orange and I personally think it is much tastier. You should try one!
I juiced about 12 tangelos and mixed it with prosecco.

No brunch would be a brunch without a sinfully delicious breaded pastry. I made Ina's Easy Sticky buns because they were easy. Unfortunately they did not turn out as planned. They came out like little hockey pucks. The buns were hard and the sugar was burned. I will not accept defeat on this recipe. I will try these again but I will take them out
a lot earlier then they tell me to.

Obviously you have to have an egg dish to make your brunch complete. Yet again I used another Ina recipe. I made this my own by adding onion and some sharp cheddar cheese. I must say this dish made up for my failure with the sticky buns. To make this omelet truly special I used really good apple smoked bacon. On another note I would not call this an omelet. It is actually baked in the oven so I would call it a frittata.
However you choose to classify this dish, it is truly delish!

{Easy Sticky Bun and Country French Omelet
recipes courtesy of Ina Garten}

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  1. Since I liked them so much, even in hockey puck form, I look forward to you retrying the sticky bun recipe.