Thursday, November 8, 2012


Apparently I missed this trend on the blogosphere.  Being sans-stand mixer, the thought of baking bread hasn't even crossed my mind; my forearms can't handle ten minutes of kneading.  But after a co-worker opened my eyes to this hassle-free recipe, I may become an avid bread baker!  This no-knead, make-it and leave it style bread is remarkably similar to a crusty ciabatta.  The dough is pulled together the day before and left to rise for at least ten hours.  No need to punch it down after two hours or worry about over-proofing.  When it's time for dinner just shape into a boule, wrap in a tea towel and wait for the final rise while the oven comes to temp.  Pop it in a pre-heated casserole, bake covered for thirty minutes, then remove the lid and let it crisp for a final fifteen.  Looks pretty impressive for such little hands on time... and for using expired yeast.  Excellent for sopping up leftover tomato sauce or a heartt soup/stew.

There are plenty of versions online for Jim Lahey's no-knead bread.  I used this one.

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