Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last weekend was hot... unbearably so.  Sticky, gross, and in no way the appropriate environment to turn on an oven.  So what was a girl to do when she wanted to bake up a batch of cookies for her best friend down in D.C.?  Whip out the waffle iron of course!

This recipe wasn't quite as simple as a no-bake option.  The prep time took just as long as a regular drop cookie but instead of popping them in the oven and walking away, you had to plow through 4 cookies at a time, about one minute per batch.  In hind sight, skipping the oven did make the house cooler, but I was boiling, perched over a searing hot waffle iron for 20 minutes. The results, however, were delicious! The cookie tastes like the offspring of chocolate cake and a brownie.  Substantial enough not to crumb and to support the light coating of icing but at the same time so incredibly tender.  The healthy dose of cinnamon in the batter really warms up the chocolate and reminds me of babka or rugelach.  Not your average cookie and perfect for sharing with my fabulous friends and whoever else joined in the weekend festivities!

{Recipe from Martha Stewart}


  1. Is it weird that I am posting a comment about our own blog? These looks really good! Makes me want a waffle iron!

  2. Wait, so all I have to do is purchase a waffle iron, and you'll make these? Done. Until then, Meredith, can you bring a batch of these to RI?

  3. Haha of course, I will attempt to squeeze in batch while packing so you can determine if a waffle iron is worth the investment.