Sunday, July 24, 2011


HOT... HOT... HOT... Heat Wave!
The only thing you can possibly do during this excessive heat is eat ice cream! It is a tough job but you gotta do it! One of my birthday presents this year was a brand spankin' new ice cream maker. So what did I do? I made ice cream! If you love coffee and you love ice cream then this is the ideal ice cream for you. You will LOVE it. The espresso, kahlua and chocolate covered espresso beans make for a decadent treat. I will admit it takes a little bit of time. You need to create a custard and cool it before you are able to use the ice cream maker. I made the custard the day before and whipped it out today for a cool treat. Warning, it is more filling than you think. I hope you try this because it is well worth the treat!

So... cool down and perk up with some homemade Espresso Ice Cream!

{Recipe courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa}

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