Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am now finally getting around to posting some images from Matt's Family Maine Vacation. Unfortunately I only whipped out my camera for one beach day. Kind of upset with myself because there were so many great photo opportunities. There was a lobster boil, fireworks and great family fun. Oh well, we live and learn.

Matt's family vacations in Wells, Maine (Drake's Island). My family regularly vacations in Rhode Island and I must say the beaches couldn't be anymore different. When the tide goes out in Maine you gain about a football field in length of beach. It is amazing. A lot of people then partake in bocce, paddle ball, castle building, soccer/football, and so much more. Matt's Famous Family Vacation beach activities mainly include Bocce, Power Ball and Mound Building. Power ball is a game where you bounce a small ball on the surface of the water to one another. The ball never sinks, just bounces. Doesn't sound all that exciting but it is actually quite fun once you get the hang of it. The other activity, Mound Building, involves heavy duty shovels, work gloves (optional), and someone to sit on the Mound. The men will build a giant mound of sand in the middle of the beach and as the tide nears someone will sit on top of the mound until the tide takes the mound/person away. It is quite interesting. I must say that the people on the beach always enjoy watching.

For those of you who haven't experience a Maine beach or Mound Building... enjoy!

Matt & I were the first on the beach this morning.
He had to get there early so he could start building his
mound before the tide started coming in.

I just really like this portrait of Matt so I threw it in.
Great example of the tools needed to build the mound.
He has his work gloves (he still got blisters) and the shovel.
He will probably kill me for posting this. Hehe...

This shot just makes me want to jump right in.
Especially with this heat wave... wish I was in there right now!

This is a shot of the beach from the water.
You can see the start of the mound and our chairs in the distance.
Look at how much beach there is!

Oh boy, can't wait until my RI vacation.
Look how beautiful the blues and greens of the ocean are.
I just want to jump right in!

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