Monday, July 18, 2011


For some it's the scent of sun screen. For others it's the taste of a creamsicle or the sensation of wet sand, clumped in your bathing suit bottom. Everyone has something, be it a specific place, taste or smell, that is evocative of childhood summers. For me it's the cold, painfully-bubbly, first sip of a Stewarts root beer, straight from the long-neck bottle. Summertime at Grandpa's condo meant an exception to the long standing rule that all beverages were to be enjoyed from a glass.  You can imagine the thrill when Jess and I were able to sit on the deck next to our pickle jar full of fireflies, bottle in hand, feeling at least ten year's older!

Although there's a more adult brew being sipped from a long-neck these days, the appeal of the spicy-sweet treat still brings me back. So when I discovered ROOT, a new liquor with the kick of birch beer but without the sickly sweetness of a schnapps, I had to give it a go for nostalgia's sake. With the bubbly punch of a ginger beer and the earthy spice of ROOT, this cocktail has the sharp, full-bodied flavor of a grown up root beer.  Perfect accompaniment to a humid, lazy afternoon. 

ROOT & Ginger Beer
pour 1 part ROOT liquor over ice
top with 2 parts Ginger beer
sit in sun and enjoy

{To read more about ROOT or to purchase, click here

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