Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's never appropriate to arrive at a guest's house empty handed, even if it is your sister's.
So of course when visiting up North last weekend a Belated Birthday cake was in order.  Knowing that Jess had undoubtedly indulged in something extra chocolaty on her big day, I thought a lighter option would hit the spot.  

Cue the Cappuccino Chiffon Cake.  
Three, that's right three, layers of chiffon cake soaked with espresso and Kahlua syrup, topped with fluffy whipped cream and dusted with a touch of cocoa powder.  

Somehow this caffeinated concoction survived a 4+ hour car trip and it was well worth the risk.  Full of delicate coffee flavor (although I'd double the syrup recipe to make sure the layers are extra moist) the final product tasted like Tiramisu's American cousin.  But what beat the cake was being able to enjoy it with Jess, Matt, and my mom... while watching Harry Potter and the Women's World Cup of course!

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