Friday, July 8, 2011


When I came home to find six pints of plump, NJ blueberries sitting on the counter, I knew something had to be done before they were sentenced to a year in the freezer, only to be released when a bowl of oatmeal or batch of pancakes were in need of a little sweetness.

Muffins? Been there, done that.

Waffles? They fair better with the tiny, Maine variety.

Pie? Perfect.

Although my crust needed a little extra TLC and the crumb topping could have used an ingredient ratio adjustment (everything's better with a little more butter), I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  The filling came out firm and chock-full-of blueberry flavor with only a little flour as the thickening agent.  Next time I pick up fruit at the farm-stand, I'll make sure to tell Maybelle you say hello... maybe feed her an ear of corn or two.

Amazing how these...

can turn into this!

Dig in.

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