Sunday, September 18, 2011


Confession: my grandmother never made these cookies.

But whomever's g-ma figured this recipe out should be given an award. I'm thinking one of those ceramic "World's Best Grammy" mugs.

With their deep chocolate flavor and sugary coating, these cookies bring you back to preschool. More precisely, to the package of cellophane wrapped, giant chocolate disks that some unassuming mother would bring for snack day, making the 3pm nap a pipe dream. There's something nostalgic about the flavor and texture combination that makes these a favorite for all ages.

Rolling each cookie into a ball is a pain. However you will notice the lazier you get, the larger the cookies become.. and the more delicious. Make sure you buy a fresh gallon of milk before baking!

Recipe from Martha Stewart's Cookies, but can also be found online –> here

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