Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I learned a new word today ... well two words really.

Campaign Furniture

I've seen it around but never knew that the style had a name or interesting purpose! Thanks to the always handy wikipedia, here's a brief history:

"Campaign furniture is designed to be folded up, packed, and carried on the march. It has been used by traveling armies since at least the time of Julius Caesar. With the rise and expansion of the British Empire in the eighteenth and early 19th centuries British furniture makers produced for both military and business travelers. British officers of high social position in the Georgian and Victorian periods (1714–1901) often carried high quality portable furniture."

Campaign furniture is typically constructed in durable teak or mahogany with brass pulls. When polished the masculine style looks rich and well traveled.  Paint the aged wood in a lacquered, pastel finish and the resultant piece really sings.

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Makes a girl want to take a voyage! 

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