Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Is it Halloween or a White Christmas?  This weekend's freak storm made for one dark and cold All Hallow's Eve, and left this Autumn-loving girl feeling a bit out of place. With no functioning oven to bake up something pumpkin to put me back into the correct time of year, I've decided to regale you with a more season appropriate endeavor.  After whipping up the requisite apple bars and apple bread this past October (sorry but these recipes are kept under lock and key) I had plenty of excess apples ripe for the juicin'.  Who needs to buy cider when you can buzz up your own batch with a juicer?  About 24 apples, two messy sieves and one huge mess of pulp on the kitchen counter was all it took to make this bottle of deliciousness.  Not quite cider and not far from juice, the resultant liquid tasted as it should, like eating a fresh picked apple.  The flavor was bright and tart, the color a pinkish brown and the result well worth the effort.  If you have a juicer and apples on the cheap, it's a must try.

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