Monday, March 5, 2012


Yes, it tastes as good as is it sounds. The main ingredients say it all: CHOCOLATE, STOUT BEER, and BREAD... these are a few of my favorite things. Did I mention this is a Chuck Hughes recipe? It is super simple and a great comfort dessert. Let me try to describe this dish as best I can: the bread adds sponginess to the texture of the dish; the chocolate has a custard-like consistency and absorbs into the bread, yet the extra chocolate mixture turns into custard around the bread; and the stout is very present, adding notes of coffee and alcohol, which enhances the chocolate flavor.

This is essentially a bread pudding; but, Chuck can call it a cake if he wants, he's the boss. The Chocolate Stout Cakes are served warm with whipped cream. I personally enjoyed it best when it was closer to room temperature or cold (I'm weird like that, not always a fan of warm/hot desserts). I was 2 for 2 this weekend with recipes. As Matt would say, "I knocked it out of the park." Now I need to go to the gym.

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