Sunday, March 4, 2012


There is nothing like a ball of fried dough. Whether it be sweet or savory, it is always sinfully delicious. This weekend, when our plans fell through, I decided to take that extra time and try some new recipes I had been eying for awhile. The first being Shrimp Fritters from the ever so popular blog spoon fork bacon. The recipe was as good as I had imagined. The fritters were light and flavorful with a light golden, crispy exterior and a perfectly cooked doughy center. The dipping sauce of honey and chili was a fitting accompaniment to the fritter. A great combo of sweet and spicy.

The fritters weren't the easiest thing I've every made, however, anything that's really good never is. For the recipe I used a food processor (the recipe says to use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, which I do not have) to mix the dough which was extremely sticky! It stuck to EVERYTHING. Needless to say cleaning wasn't that fun but completely worth it. I did add a couple of extra green onions to the recipe and used pre-cooked shrimp. The shrimp was present in the fritters, but probably would have been even more so if I had used raw shrimp. I also used canola oil instead of the vegetable oil the recipe calls for to fry the dough. I think I got the same results, but used a healthier oil.

At the end of the day I would definitely make this recipe again. The fritters remind me of the Bag of Donuts appetizer from The Moorings in Newport, RI, one of our favorite spots to dine in the summer when visiting that area.

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