Wednesday, December 21, 2011


IT'S A SUCCESS! Matt being the beer lover that he is decided to take his dad's old beer making equipment and put it to good use. I cheer with excitement because Matt's first attempt at making beer ended up all over the basement floor about 2 years ago (my gift to him). Needless to say we were both unhappy. His Brother and Sister-In-Law very nicely gave him a second chance by giving him the ingredients to create his brew again last Christmas.  It only took him about a year to muster up the courage and do it again. Alas, a Success! It is a refreshing Belgian White summer beer (I know wrong season) and the best part is it tastes like beer! Now that he is 1-1, he is looking to improve his record. I am sure we will be seeing more from this lad shortly! I see Brown Ales and Porters in the near future.

1. The Black Ant Belgian White requires a spice potion of ground coriander and dried orange peel steeped in vodka.  This sits in a fashionable mason jar until it's pitched in at bottling time.
2. Flaked oats are placed inside cheese cloth (or muslin bags if you've got them) and boiled in water to begin the cooking process.
3. The fermented brew after several weeks isn't much to look at; but, once the barrel is opened, the aroma of wheat and hops fills the air.
4. Siphon the desirable liquids from the fermenting bucket into a secondary bucket fashioned with a spigot for an easy bottling process.  Strain through a sieve to rid the superfluous solids created during the fermenting process.
5. The second bucket assures that no unwanted dregs will be lurking within the individual bottles.
6. Using a coffee filter and small funnel, add the liquid portion of the spice potion and the priming sugar to the bucket.
7. Crouch down, and pour each beer one by one with a big smile on your face!

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