Friday, December 2, 2011


My lovely rental home has this great built-in desk area with a lot of storage. Unfortunately, I have a lot of loose papers that I need and don't want to forget about. The solution is a pinboard; but, the problem is they are kind of expensive. I was really drawn to the Pottery Barn Daily System White Pinboard. I like the clean look of the white and linen but I did not like the price tag. Those who know me know that I will sometimes find an item in a store and comment on how I could make that item and for cheaper. I may be able to make the item but it doesn't mean I want to invest the time and effort to learn and make something. This time I did! This time, I said, "I can make that and for cheaper." I gathered up all my materials and, because I was making it, geared it towards my needs and my aesthetic. For instance, I bought wood for a frame, and as I was making it, realized it would look a lot better without the wood... one of the beauties of designing and creating something for yourself. The end result is what I consider a very clean and simple pinboard. I am now happily more organized and not staring at an orange wall!

You can do this too! Below are the materials I used and how I went about creating the pinboard.

Wood Board
Furniture Tacks

Staple Gun
Measuring Tape

Take the piece of wood and cover it with the matting. Staple it behind the board about 2" from the edge all the way around. Be sure you get a board that is thick enough that the staples won't go through the other side (my mistake but survived it). Then take your fabric and wrap it over the board/matting. Staple it on the back to secure it as you did with the matting. Next, measure out your ribbon and create a pattern of your choosing on the board. Once you have laid out the pattern which should be woven (this keeps the items in place when using the pinboard) put one ribbon on at a time and staple it on the back to secure it. Be sure to evenly space out all the ribbons by measuring each ribbon you add on. Also make sure the ribbon is tight so it can hold up items. Once all the ribbons are on you can keep it as is or add the furniture tacks for some extra glam!

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  1. Your pinboard came out great! Can't wait to see it in person. Gotta love making something yourself and saving money.